Physical storage in Switzerland

A high-quality service: Buyers can trust our storage facilities in Switzerland. This service offers excellent quality/price: maximum security at low cost.

Maximum security

  • Political stability :

    Switzerland is a politically and socially stable, investor-friendly country.

  • Vault and armed guards:

    Customers’ assets are stored outside the banking system, at Loomis in Switzerland, in a vault built inside a high-security building, protected by physically present armed guards. This is better than simply an alarmed safe with video-surveillance.

  • 100 % reserve (not "fractional reserve”): 

    All storage orders are physically stored in fullWe also stand out from our competitors, who swindle their customers by physically storing only part of the total volume of the deposits entrusted to them while charging them for the entire amount!

  • Personal allocation of ingots:

    the serial number of each ingot bought is individually allocated to the owner. Each of our depositors owns ingots allocated personally to him/her alone, as opposed to most of our competitors whose depositors hold only unallocated metal documentation, i.e., merely debt certificates which may be worth nothing if the depositary goes bankrupt. As those competitors store the metals only in bulk and only representing a portion of the orders received (a "fractional reserve”), their misleading storage certificates are a real trap for the gullible.

SEE ACTIS certification – physical storage allocated by name

Our depositors can come at any time to inspect their ingots, or remove them, or have them shipped, or even ask us to resell them (contact us).

Low cost

  • VAT savings:

    Our depositors benefit from a low VAT rate (7.7 %) on silver (no VAT on gold). For example, a French resident will save 12.3 % VAT and a Belgian resident 13.3 %.

    There is no value added tax (VAT) on gold, only on silver. There are two options: storage in Switzerland where silver is subject to VAT, or storage in an “open customs bonded warehouse” exempt from VAT. (To learn more, click here on VAT-exempt silver ingots.) Each of these two options has advantages and disadvantages. If you opt for storage in Switzerland, you certainly pay VAT, but at a low rate and on a low basic market price. You can then freely dispose of your ingot, take it away when you want, without paying any further tax. If on the other hand you opt for an open customs bonded warehouse, you certainly save the VAT, but if, later, you want to remove the ingot from the warehouse, you will have to pay VAT and customs duties, based on the price on the day you remove it, with the risk of it being higher than the price on the day you bought it.

    For a short-term investment, the open customs bonded warehouse seems preferable. For the long-term, one of the other options may be more attractive.

  • Fees:

    At Euporos SA, your stored weight is 100 % insured! (0.2 % excl tax on the deposit value). There is also no entry, exit, or handling fee: Add or retrieve metal free of charge. We invoice storage fees only once a year, amounting to 1 % (excl tax) of the deposit value. This rate is deliberately low, to allow all investors to protect their savings at the lowest possible cost.

  • Tip:

    Have you already bought precious metal elsewhere? Store it too, on the same terms.

Free services

Storage certificate OFFERED (one at each order)
Annual valuation of deposit OFFERED (annual valuation with the storage invoice)
Spot valuation of deposit OFFERED (from the customer account)
Insurance certificate OFFERED (collective certificate)
Lead seal included (one seal per box)
Traceability by name included (one barcode per product)
Guardianship outside the banking system included (reputable Swiss guardianship company)
Audit included (triple audit: guardian, Euporos SA, independent auditor)
Physical storage
in Switzerland