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Purchase procedure
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To place an order, simply create your customer account for free by clicking here

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The ordering process is simple. There are four steps:
My basket > Delivery and payment method >Identification >Confirmation

  • Select your products and quantities, which will be displayed in “My basket”.
  • Select your “delivery and payment method”.
  • Log-in to your customer account or create it.
  • Confirm your order
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You pay (bank transfer, credit card, cash).)

Four possibilities: 1° bank transfer, 2° available credit on your customer account, 3° cash, 4° bank card.

  • If using bank transfer, you have to order the transfer within 24 hrs, as interbank transfers take about three business days. Please specify to your bank that the transfer fees be charged to the party placing the order, i.e., mark your order "OUR COST”.
  • If using the available credit on your customer account, your account is charged automatically.
  • If paying cash, please contact us immediately to make an appointment to pay in person in Genève, at Route de Pré-Bois 29, 1215 Meyrin ( Genève-aéroport ).
  • If by bank card, use our secure website, or pay in person in Genève, at Route de Pré-Bois 29, 1215 Meyrin ( Genève-aéroport ).

You must choose the option "OUR COST” (fees charged to the party placing the order). Indicate your customer number in all bank transfers.

Good to know : You can send us an "advance", which will be recorded on your customer account, which you can use to pay a future purchase, or storage fees. Sending a large advance to be able to settle multiple invoices over a period of time, avoids multiplying bank transfer fees and also saves time as each amount due is automatically debited from the credit balance..


We quickly process your order


We physically store your metal in Switzerland for you, in a high-security location, discreetly, and outside the banking system. This has two major advantages: You run no risk of your ingots being stolen and you save the destination country VAT. The storage cost is minimal: annual fees amount to 1 % (excl tax) of the value of your deposit. Thanks to insurance, you are 100 % covered. Click here to learn more about the benefits of storage.


Secure transport to your domicile by carrier, Express, on a recorded delivery basis, and with optional insurance covering 100 % of the value of the goods during the entire transport.

OPTION 3: PICK UP FROM OUR SITE at Genève, Route de Pré-Bois 29, 1215 Meyrin ( Genève-aéroport)

You pick up the goods from our site (Monday to Friday  9 hs to 17 hs):

Français +41 22 552 1315
Español +41 22 533 14 09
English +41 22 533 50 80
Deutsch +41 22 552 13 02

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=> VAT

If you wish delivery outside Switzerland: goods exported from Switzerland are exempt from Swiss VAT (7.7%) but are subject to the VAT and customs duties and taxes of the country of destination (gold is exempt from VAT but remains subject to the costs referred to above).

  • If you opt for pick-up from site, delivery in Switzerland or storage in Switzerland: metals picked up from the site or stored in Switzerland are subject to Swiss VAT at 7.7 %, but are exempt from foreign VAT so long as they remain in Switzerland (gold purchases are not subject to VAT). For more information see our FAQ.


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